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Top 3 reasons to connect your Gmail to Outlook

If you are using Gmail, I recommend you connect it to your Outlook email client. Our friends at Slipstick Systems show us how to configure Gmail accounts in Outlook.

Here’s why it’s worth the effort:

1. No Ads!

Don’t waste your precious screen real estate on ads. When you connect Gmail to Outlook, you just see the content of the email.

2. Read multiple mailboxes at the same time

Most people have work mailboxes and personal (Gmail) mailboxes. With Gmail inside your Outlook you can read your company email and your personal email at the same time without switching back and forth between Outlook and your browser.

3. Leverage Outlook productivity

Outlook allows you to work offline, copy and paste images, transfer attachments, use keyboard shortcuts etc. If you’re an Outlook user at your company, you probably mastered many productivity tricks. Now you can use that same knowledge to quickly go through your Gmail and save time.

With OutlookFinder you can now enjoy the same fast and intuitive search you are accustomed to on Gmail inside Outlook.